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  1. The beginning

    The founder of the house, Antoine Boll was born in Alsace and moved to the Champagne region in the middle of the 19th century.

    The house of Boll & Cie was established in 1853 and focused from the very beginning on creating high-quality sparkling wines which were sold within Europe and the USA, supplying major wine merchants such as Harrods in London. Boll & Cie established itself from the start as one of the truly elegant leading Champagne brands.

  2. 1853 Foundation

    of Boll & CieIllustration of Chatéau de Méry in Reims

    Founding of Boll & Cie by Antoine Boll in Mareuil-sur-Ay

  3. 1876 San Francisco

    Distribution Ad

    Boll & Cie is one of the few brands distributed in the San Francisco region in the 19th century, witness to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder of the house of Boll & Cie.

  4. 1882 Syndicat du commerce

    de vins de Champagne

    The house of Boll & Cie moves its headquarters to the city of Reims and becomes a member of the Syndicat du Commerce des vins de Champagne, which later becomes the Unions des Maisons de Champagne.

  5. 1883 New World

    New York City

    The wines of Boll & Cie are much appreciated in the new world, as witnessed by this menu from the Delmonico restaurant in New York City

  6. 1897 Harrods London

    Boll & Cie at Harrods London

    London Times and supplier to Harrods London

  7. Boll & Cie today

    After going into slumber for more than a hundred years, during which the Boll brand was known only to a small group of experts, the house has been revived at the beginning of the 21st century and now sparkles more than ever.

    The house once again pursues its quest to produce the most excellent Champagnes and to bring these exceptional wines to connoisseurs worldwide, albeit in limited amounts. The Champagnes, produced in small quantities, are carefully crafted from selected wineyards in Oger, Le Mesnil sur Oger, Vindey and Montgueux, creating elegant, characterful wines.

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