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A close-up of a bottle of Ratafia Champagne from Boll and Cie

Ratafia - Boll and Cie Champagne

de Champagne

The unique sweet wine from Champagne

Sweet aperitif / digestive made
from Pinot Noir grapes

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Ratafia  ( Ratafia Tasting Notes)

Tasting Notes Ratafia of

The Boll& Cie Ratafia, Vintage 1996, is a sophisticated, mellow drink, packed with rich flavours of honey and dried fruit. The taste is delicate and enticing. The nose a subtle melange of tropical flavours.

As aperitif or with starters, in particular with goose liver. With decadent desserts or fruit it is a delicious digestif. Enjoy chilled in an elegant small glass.

  • Glass Recommendation

    Le classique verre de Porto est le meilleure support pour les sublimes aromes du Ratafia Boll & Cie..

  • Serving our Champagne

    Ideal serving temperature is between 7°C and 9°C (45°F - 48°F).

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