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A close-up of a bottle of Rose Champagne from Boll and Cie

Rose - Boll and Cie Champagne


„Elegance and charme“

Only cuvee using 100% Pinot Noir
Only the first press out of three
Low dosage and low amount of sulphites

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Rose  ( Rose Tasting Notes)

Tasting Notes Rose of

Pale pink color, fine nose with delicate fruity and floral notes and mild spices. The palate is full and vinous with notes of red fruits. Long finish. Ideal as aperitif or with dessert.

  • Glass recommendation

    The Joseph, a unique crystal glass whose shape enables the bubbles to reach their optimal expression and allows for the discovery of the Champagne’s incredible bouquet..

  • Serving our Champagne

    The richness of your Boll & Cie Champagne is fully revealed between 8°C and 10°C (47°F - 50°F). Serving your bottle too cold would refrain the aromas’ expression..

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